Writing Tips…

Jun 5, 2020

1) The word that first comes to mind when you realize you’ve submitted an earlier version of your manuscript than you intended to a potential agent/publisher/anyone is horror. Followed by humiliation. Then regret…for not double-checking the material about to be sent. It happens. The only thing to do is move on and, hopefully, you will have learned something.

2) When you’ve finished writing your book (or think you have), print out a hard copy and read it (out loud). You’ll be surprised at how much different a sentence might sound when you hear it, rather than just see it. Unless, of course, you’re a super talent like Stephen King. Then you might only need to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

3) You’ve come up with the perfect plot…but then you discover a similar book has just been published. Now what? Don’tbe put off! Your voice and your story will be completely different and maybe even better. Besides, it’ll take you a while to write that book and by then that other book will have lost its newness.

4) When you land an agent, treat them like the gem they are, for they will weather your storms and be the champion who finds a home for your story.