Snow Happens

A Christmas fairy on a mission… After decades of helping Santa fulfill the wishes of others, Christmas fairy Liliana has a wish of her own. She would like the opportunity to find love. Why should humans have all the fun? But before Santa will consider her request, she must first complete one last assignment—to help a man regain his Christmas spirit. It’s an easy enough task, though it might turn out to be Lily’s biggest challenge yet.

A man haunted by tragedy… Jake Longmire sees no reason to participate in a holiday that tends to bring more anguish than pleasure. But when a chance encounter with a strange young woman who is all about the merriment of the season has him rethinking his frosty attitude, he wonders if he might finally be ready to say good-bye to the pain of his past.

Can a little holiday magic bring them together? Lily has an obligation to help Jake, no matter how disagreeable his nature. Jake thinks Lily’s love of the holidays is beyond crazy. Will their being stranded together help them overcome their differences? Or will this be a holiday season they’ll both wish they could forget?

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