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I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a small town where summer days were spent either horseback riding or lazing about at the beach with friends. It was an innocent time, though that didn’t stop me from having a mad crush on the boy next door. I just knew he was the one I would grow up to marry and that we would have a life filled with adventure… and maybe even a couple of convertibles. But first crushes rarely last into adulthood and by the time I was old enough to be more practical, I had other ideas about what I wanted to do with my life. I’d always been interested in medicine, so I set my sights on becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, where I would use my skills and training to repair damaged hearts. Then life happened and I, instead, went to work for an aerospace firm where my days were filled with deciphering technical documents that had been written in long-hand by a group of engineers who spoke a different language than the rest of us. Even so, it was a fine job for paying the bills, though it did nothing to extinguish my memories of “the boy.” I credit him with my eventual decision to switch careers and become a romance writer. My goal was to create those adventures I’d dreamed of in my youth, and I wanted to remind readers that love doesn’t always have to be filled with drama. It can be fun and flirty and make you laugh. And we all know how good laughter is for our hearts. For me, it was as if I’d discovered a way that I could still repair damaged hearts…by writing one book at a time. Beyond writing, I spend a good amount of time either playing doorman to an unruly Labrador retriever or I hit the trails in the Alpine Wilderness, where I can breathe fresh air and let my mind wander, thinking of ideas for stories that I hope will make readers smile.

Alexa Darin

Ten things I believe…

Animals should be treated well, toenails should always be polished, yoga and pilates are boring, milk does not do the body good, the color yellow is best left out of one’s wardrobe, a woman should have her very own bathroom, a kind word can turn a bad day into good, dogs are more fun than cats (don’t send me hate mail), cuddle is a word that should never come out of a man’s mouth, and you’re never too old to dream.

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