Love Trip

When it comes to true love… Taylor Grant thinks she has life all figured out. But when her long-time boyfriend leaves her a good-bye note via a few scribbled words on the back of a coffeehouse napkin, she begins to doubt everything she ever knew about love and relationships. What she needs now is time to refocus and regroup. Even if it means getting far, far away from the man who broke her heart.

But have her man troubles just begun? After a rodeo ride that nearly killed him, Texas cowboy, Cole McKenzie, found his wife in the arms of another man. Now, all Cole wants is a fresh start…somewhere where he won’t be faced with daily reminders that his wife cheated while he was being trampled by a bull. The tiny Caribbean island of St. John seems the perfect place. That is until he runs into city-gal Taylor Grant.

Can love conquer all? Taylor isn’t interested in finding a new man. Cole has a secret he isn’t ready to share. Can two people whose lives have both been turned upside down find themselves not only drawn to each other but also falling in love? Or is their Love Trip simply a romantic island fling that will end once Taylor’s vacation is over?

Winner!—Houston Bay Area RWA, 2016 JABBIC Contest (Contemporary)
3rd Place—Virginia RWA, 2011 Fool For Love Contest
2nd Place—Salt Lake RWA, 2010 Heart of the West Contest
“Want fun in the sun? Read this book. It’s laugh out loud funny.”
—Sheila Roberts, best-selling author of On Strike For Christmas!
“A fun escape from reality… perfect for a beach vacation.”
—Rachel Van Dyken, New York Times best-selling author
“SUCH a cute story! There was some humor, some drama, and some PG-13 romance. Definitely recommended!”

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