Alexa Darin: Kisses Don't Lie

Kisses Don’t Lie


Sometimes, a single kiss… Bailey Ventura is sure she’s found Mr. Right when she meets gorgeous head of casino security, Carter Davis, in Las Vegas. Carter is just the kind of man she can see herself growing old with. Charming… talented… swoon-worthy. Problem is she lives a fair distance away in small-town Washington State, so for any chance to keep the romance going between herself and Carter, she’ll need to do something drastic. Like win a sexy red Thunderbird convertible!

Alexa Darin: Snow Happens

Snow Happens

A Christmas fairy on a mission… After decades of helping Santa fulfill the wishes of others, Christmas fairy Liliana has a wish of her own. She would like the opportunity to find love. Why should humans have all the fun? But before Santa will consider her request, she must first complete one last assignment—to help a man regain his Christmas spirit. It’s an easy enough task, though it might turn out to be Lily’s biggest challenge yet.

Alexa Darin: Love Trip

Love Trip

When it comes to true love… Taylor Grant thinks she has life all figured out. But when her long-time boyfriend leaves her a good-bye note via a few scribbled words on the back of a coffeehouse napkin, she begins to doubt everything she ever knew about love and relationships.

Alexa Darin: Kiss Me Twice

Kiss Me Twice

The Bride is ready to walk down the aisle… Carter Davis won Bailey Ventura’s heart in Kisses Don’t Lie, and now she’s ready to say, “I do.”

Alexa Darin: Good With His Hands

Good With His Hands

Wanted: Man who uses his mind instead of his hands… Pepper Bartlett has always been a woman who knows exactly what she wants—except when it comes to men.

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