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My WorldIt’s the second week of March and I’ve just finished watching the Winter Olympics. I’m not a fan of watching TV ads, so I tape everything and then watch as I have time, which means I also have to avoid watching the news, talk shows, etc., anything that might ruin the surprise, so to speak, of who won what event. I was all like Go Bode a week after he’d already tied for Bronze in the Super-G. And, damn, I was so hoping he’d win Gold. It’s okay Bode…I still think you’re golden! And hot! Note to self: Buy poster of Bode Miller and place it at eye level so I can see him in my periphery while I’m lusting…er, working.

Speaking of the Olympics…I am now an extreme snowboard fanatic! All that crashing and slipping and sliding…doesn’t get much better than that. Only thing I have to criticize is the U.S. women’s uniforms. They were dressed JP Patches style. For those of you who don’t know, JP Patches was a CLOWN! Ugh! No wonder the U.S. women didn’t win. Just saying…

What else…Live a Little, Love a Lot is out in eBook format and I’m still sending out gift certificates to those of you on my list. I’ve also posted a new contest that ends April 30, so be sure and check it out by clicking on Fun Stuff, then Contest. So many of you loved that I gave you a choice of gift cards, so I’m doing that again.

One other thingI’m working on my first ever series.

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