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Book Stuff…Kiss Me Twice is available now in both print and digital format! Don’t miss this sequel to fan favorite Kisses Don’t Lie. Will Bailey finally get her man…or is she headed for another heartache?

A Couple of Cool Websites…Tweak Your Biz – where to go to get all kinds of useful information about such things as social media strategy and how to use Twitter effectively. Also, have a little fun with The Content Idea Generator at Portent.com.

Things I’ve learned about Twitter that you might also want to know…but don’t follow me, I’m lost too!

1) If you’re a writer, don’t just follow other writers. Follow all kinds of people…like travelers. You never know when you might find a great story setting.

2) To DM someone is considered rude. Sorry, I had no idea, but from all the DM’s I’ve received, I gather not many know of this little known Twitter fact;

3) You can shorten lengthy links to save space. Here’s how: go to bitly.com and there you’ll find a place to paste your long link and voila! bitly will create for you a shorter link, which saves valuable space on your Twitter posts. And when you go back to bitly.com, you will be provided with info on how many people clicked on your link. So cool!

4) A lot of people will follow you, but some of them are simply collecting followers. When you follow them back, they unfollow you.

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