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Book Stuff…I’m working on my first book in a new series that will be part romance, part mystery. The first book will be titled Every Little Lie, unless, of course, it changes before publication, and in that case, I have no idea what the title will be. In any case, I’m having a fun time writing new characters who I hope to have around for some time.

It’s not too late for a fun summer read! If you’re in the mood for love, a dash of heartache, and tons of drama, then Love Trip might be the book for you! Feel free to buy it here…Amazon…or here…Barnes & Noble

On my mind…. It’s that time of year when we love to get outdoors with our furry friends, which is great…unless you leave your dog locked in a hot car! Please, don’t do it. Not even for five minutes.

Another thing you might want to think about when considering your dog’s personal comfort. Bells. On his/her collar! Why? Do you think that while you’re out hiking the trails, the bells will warn bears, or other wildlife, of your presence? If that’s the case, then attach those bells to your own shorts or your backpack or whatever. But please don’t attach them at ear level to your dog’s collar. Can you imagine having someone jingle a bell in your ear for miles or hours? I don’t know about you, but that would be enough to make me go ballistic.

Okay, one other word about your dog’s comfort, and then I’m done. If you have a new pup, please do NOT take that pup out walking on the hot concrete with their baby paws. If you’ve ever taken the time to touch those cute little pads on the bottom of their paws, then you know how soft and vulnerable they are to the elements. But even grown dogs can be burned by hot concrete, so beware when the temperature rises. Just saying.

A Great Book…Pukka’s Promise, by Ted Kerasote. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll love this book. If you’ve ever wished your dog could live longer and be healthier and happier, you need (to read) this book. Since I lost my two beloved yellow Labs, I’ve been drawn to reading books about dogs, and Pukka’s Promise was just what I needed at such a sad time in my life. Mr. Kerasote wrote another book, Merle’s Door, some time ago and I enjoyed it so much that I knew one day I’d want to read it again. And I did, right after I finished Pukka’s Promise. Oh, how the tears flowed. My thanks to you, Ted Kerasote, for making me cry and for making me know that some day a new pup will fill my heart.

Football season… I’m super excited about football season, especially now that I’ve moved and will no longer have the results of the local game—Seahawks versus ???—announced before I can finish watching my recording of said game. At least, I hope that’s the case. Go Hawks!

Tips on writing…

1)  Don’t listen to most people (who don’t write). They can’t relate to or really know what you’re going through, and they also aren’t writers. So instead of listening to people who don’t write, read. Read a lot. And when you find a sentence or paragraph, etc., you absolutely love and are so envious that it makes you almost hate the author, write it out long-hand…and then study it to try and discover what it is about that piece of writing that is so magical.

2)  Read your work out loud. You’d be surprised at how different a sentence might sound when you hear it rather than just see it.

3)  When you’re trying to come up with a plot and you think you’ve found the perfect story to write…but then you discover a similar story has just come out, don’t let that stop you! Your voice and your story will be completely different and maybe even better.

4)  More to come…

Many Thanks…to Stephanie Queen, USA Today Bestselling Author (and queen of Quirky Quips Blog), for making my day with a nice review of Kiss Me Twice. See it here.

Things I’ve learned about Twitter that you might also want to know…but don’t follow me, I’m lost too! Okay, for a long time, I didn’t add anything new here, but today is the day! One more lesson learned about Twitter from a very reliable source (which I won’t give out, so please don’t beg) has been added to my list of Things you might want to know about Twitter.

1)To thank someone for following you on Twitter is considered overkill. So there you go all you people who thought you were simply being polite. Stop saying thank-you. Evidently, it’s just not expected. Remember, those aren’t my words. They came from that reliable source I mentioned above.

2) If you’re a writer, don’t just follow other writers. Follow all kinds of people…like travelers. You never know when   you might find a great story setting.

3) To DM someone is considered rude. Sorry, I had no idea, but from all the DM’s I’ve received, I gather not many are aware of this;

4) You can shorten lengthy links to save space. Here’s how: go to bitly.com and there you’ll find a place to paste your long link and voila! bitly will create for you a shorter link, which saves valuable space on your Twitter posts. And when you go back to bitly.com, you will be provided with info on how many people clicked on your link. So cool! You can use other link shorteners, as well, but I like bitly.

5) A lot of people will follow you, but some are simply collecting followers. When you follow them back, they unfollow you.

One More ThingOkay, so I’m back to dogs. But that’s only because I love them so much and I want to do all I can to help dogs who need care. Especially old dogs that get tossed out just because they’re, well, old. So sad. If you feel the same, please check out Old Dog Haven to see the great things these people are doing for our furry senior citizens!

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Remember…posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads is a wonderful way to say you enjoyed a book.

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