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My World…Kiss Me Twice is should be ready for release in July. I’ll be sending out newsletters and post cards some time in the next couple of months announcing the date.

Useful things I’ve recently learned about Twitter…1) To DM someone is considered rude. Sorry, I had no idea, but from all the DM’s I’ve received, I gather not many know of this little known Twitter fact; 2) You can shorten lengthy links to save space. Here’s how: go to bitly.com and there you’ll find a place to paste your long link and voila! bitly will create for you a shorter link, which saves valuable space on your Twitter posts. And when you go back to bitly.com, you will be provided with info on how many people clicked on your link. So cool!

One other thingI’d love it if you joined me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/alexadarin) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/AlexaDarin).

Remember…Summer is here. Please don’t leave your pooch unattended in your hot car.

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A random thoughtGood food and exercise may keep you healthy, but a good man and laughter will keep you alive.

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