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My World…Finally, fall has arrived. At least I hope so. It’s been the hottest summer and I, my dogs, and my flowers have been waiting for the day when the heat would end. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s really over…and now I can look forward to the holiday season. A little snow would be nice this year. Who am I kidding? I LOVE the snow! I want it deep and I want it to last. This, Santa, is my Christmas wish.

What else…Went to my high school reunion…had a good time, saw a couple of old classmates get drunk, reconnected with a few classmates who’d managed to remain their sweet old selves. I’m talking about you Kandy Kennedy and you Craig Huguley. You haven’t changed a bit!

One other thingIf you’d like the occasional book freebie, go to my Contact Me page and give me your info, which I promise to never, EVER, share with any other living soul.

Remember…Life is short! Don’t let toxic people drown you in their poison.

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Romantically ever after stories…

A random thoughtGood food and exercise may keep you healthy, but a good man and laughter will keep you alive.

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