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Warning! This page may or may not contain text that may or may not offend some readers. I make no apologies for any of the language used herein. Life is short and I’ve heard cursing has been linked to stress relief.

On my mind…. The rest of my life. What will I do with it? Most of you know I’ve lost both of my beloved dogs, and now it’s time for me to think about what comes next. A Love Trip of my own…or more writing about other people having love trips. Those two big dogs of mine took up a lot of space and now my house seems so very empty. As sad as it is, I am now free to roam. I could go on vacation–a real vacation, where I’m not worried every single minute about how my dogs are doing. Or I could get more writing done. Those dogs of mine were so spoiled…and loved. The truth is, now that I have the freedom, I can’t think of anywhere I want to go. So, maybe I’ll just sit a while, do a bit more writing, and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll board a plane for anywhere. Or maybe, I’ll find another lovable, furry face that will greet me each and every morning when I rise…and wouldn’t that be so perfect…

Football… Both of my Fantasy Football teams are doing well. Looks like I won’t be in the toilet bowl with either of them.

Book Stuff…Love Trip is getting some very nice reader reviews! I love, love, love this book. It’s all sun, sand, and surf…with a bit of drama thrown in for interest. If you’re in the mood for love and a little bit of heartache, this just might be the beach read for you. Buy it here…Amazon

Tips on writing…

1)  Don’t listen to most people (who don’t write). They have of idea what you’re going through. They have no idea what it takes to learn and become good at our craft. So don’t listen to them. Read. Read a lot. And when you find a sentence or paragraph, etc., you absolutely love and are so envious that it makes you almost hate the author, write it out long-hand…and then study it to try and discover what it is about that piece of writing that is so magical.

2)  Read your work out loud. You’d be surprised at how different a sentence might sound when you hear it rather than just see it.

3)  When you’re trying to come up with a plot and you think you’ve found the perfect story to write…but then you discover a similar story has just come out, don’t let that stop you! Your voice and your story will be completely different and maybe even better.

4)  More to come…

Many Thanks…to Stephanie Queen, USA Today Bestselling Author (and queen of Quirky Quips Blog), for making my day with a nice review of Kiss Me Twice. See it here.

Racing Season… Emerald Downs has closed its doors for the season. But I cannot get over what a thrill it was to watch my boy, Archie, run. He’s a come-from-behinder and that, in my opinion, is the most exciting kind of race horse to watch. As for my girl, Dena, she’s been sold and will become a broodmare. Archie is taking some time off, but will be back next year.


Things I’ve learned about Twitter that you might also want to know…but don’t follow me, I’m lost too! Okay, for a long time, I didn’t add anything new here, but today is the day! One more lesson learned about Twitter from a very reliable source (which I won’t give out, so please don’t beg) has been added to my list of Things you might want to know about Twitter.

1) New! To thank someone for following you on Twitter is considered overkill. So there you go all you people who thought you were simply being polite. Stop saying thank-you. Evidently, it’s just not expected. Remember, those aren’t my words. They came from that reliable source I mentioned above.

2) If you’re a writer, don’t just follow other writers. Follow all kinds of people…like travelers. You never know when you might find a great story setting.

3) To DM someone is considered rude. Sorry, I had no idea, but from all the DM’s I’ve received, I gather not many know of this little known Twitter fact;

4) You can shorten lengthy links to save space. Here’s how: go to bitly.com and there you’ll find a place to paste your long link and voila! bitly will create for you a shorter link, which saves valuable space on your Twitter posts. And when you go back to bitly.com, you will be provided with info on how many people clicked on your link. So cool!

5) A lot of people will follow you, but some are simply collecting followers. When you follow them back, they unfollow you.

One More ThingOld dogs need care, too. Check out Old Dog Haven to see the great things these people are doing for our furry senior citizens!

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A random thoughtGood food and exercise may keep you healthy, but a good man and laughter will keep you alive.

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