Old Dogs Need Love Too

Jun 19, 2020

If you ever feel you can no longer care for your aging dog, or if you have a dog who needs medical care that you can’t afford, please take the time to check out any of the organizations that may be able to help. Old Dog Haven is one in my area (Washington state) that I just love. They do such great things for our elderly furry citizens!

Their Mission Statement:

Old Dog Haven is committed to the belief that all senior dogs should live peacefully in their final years as members of a caring family. To this end we:

  • Provide permanent foster homes for unadoptable, abandoned or soon to be homeless, senior dogs in western Washington, age eight and over. We give preference to the oldest dogs and those that have serious health issues.
  • Assist owners, shelters, and rescues in finding homes for their adoptable senior dogs age eight and over by posting those dogs on our website and our Facebook page;
  • Educate the public about the value of senior dogs in our lives and the unique gifts they bring us.

We intend to keep Old Dog Haven foster dogs as healthy and comfortable as possible by providing excellent medical care, but without heroic measures intended only to extend life. We are committed to helping these dogs find peace in their final years without judgment of the humans who have left them.

When quality of life is no longer present for any senior dog we believe that euthanasia is the ultimate gift we give them.