Ten subtle and not so subtle signs your guy is no longer in to you…

1. He no longer cares if you spend five hours a day on the phone with your mother.
2. He is no longer willing to clean up after your pooch.
3. He no longer pretends to like your cat.
4. He no longer sits down to pee just to please you.
5. He enourages you to spend time with your friends.
6. He no longer pretends to like your friends.
7. You’re no longer invited to join his Fantasy Football league.
8. You’re never included in anything with his group of friends. It’s always boys night out.
9. Your car won’t start and he suggests you call a tow truck, rather than coming to your rescue.
10. You shave yourself bald–ahem–and after two weeks, he still hasn’t noticed.

Can you think of any other signs your guy has left the relationship? I’d love to hear them.

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