Ten Lies I Told Myself To Make It Through The Winter

1. If I leave my Christmas tree up, spring will get here that much sooner.
2. If the snow sticks around long enough, all the leaves I didn’t rake will magically disappear.
3. If my hand somehow gets frozen to a pole, I’ll have a legitimate excuse not to write.
4. I don’t have rosacea; I’m just frostbitten.
5. Fallen pine needles are rich in vitamin C; if I get snowed in, at least I’ll have my vitamins.
6. Under all that snow, my yard is moss-free.
7. Walking in snow is great for my calf muscles.
8. Being snowed in and not being able to make it to the store will only make going on a diet that much easier.
9. White makes everything beautiful.
10. Winter takes care of my deer problem.

Happy Spring Everybody!!!

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