Alpha Male versus Male Chauvinist. Is there a difference?

You betcha! An alpha can sometimes be a pig, but a pig can never be an alpha.

Okay, so obviously I’m on a rant today about male chauvinists and those charming, yet albeit frustrating men we call alpha males. I’ve had experience with both. And while both have the potential to make me see red, it’s a rare occasion that I find the chauvinist anything but obnoxious. Wait—that would be never. As in I have never come across a male chauvinist who is anything but a pig. Thus, the fitting title bestowed upon such men, male chauvinist pig! So, from this point forward, I shall simply use the term pig when I am speaking of the pig. Now, let’s move on.

Webster’s defines the pig as a male who is perceived as approving of an inferior status for women in society. In my opinion, we should simply call it like it is. Pigs don’t like women. They are different than the alpha male (hereafter called the alpha) in that the alpha can have his obnoxious moments as he strives to take control of the situation or those around him, but that only comes from an innate sense that he is more capable than the average male…at doing just about anything. And this is what makes him appear to be piggish. But make no mistake, the alpha loves women. He’s the guy who will wrap you up tight in his suit coat on a frosty winter night. He’s the guy who’ll change your flat tire in the pouring rain. He’s the man we love and even sometimes love to hate. But the hate only lasts until he charms you back into his arms. The pig, on the other hand, has no charm. He only dreams of being an alpha. Which is probably why he so often hears the phrase “in your dreams.”

I recently had the misfortune of spending an evening with an honest to goodness pig. Good thing for me there were other people around, so I was able to contain my desire to do something that would force me to have to use the term “temporary insanity” as a defense.

Even so, I was curious about this man. What, exactly, was it that made me see him as a pig?

Several things, but space is limited, so I’ll go over just a few so that when you find yourself in the presence of one, you will know to avoid him LIKE THE FREAKING PLAGUE!

First, when the pig spoke, I noticed he only made eye contact with other men. And if he did happen to make eye contact with a woman, it was only to say something snarky. A remark or a question, which served to make the woman feel belittled or put on the spot.

Another observation I made was that whenever any woman spoke up, wanting to share something, the pig’s response was to change the subject…back to him. Even when one of the women had some not so good news to share, the pig made light of it and told her to just move on.

But what really made the pig show his true colors was when one of the women beat him at a game. I swear I could actually see the hair on the nape of his neck stand up. If he’d been a dog, his lips would have curled into a snarl. I might have been afraid, had he not been such a joke.

It can be hard to tell the difference between an alpha and a pig. A lot of women think they don’t like alpha males. But in my experience, they are mistaking pigs for alphas. Understandable. Remember, the alpha can sometimes be a pig. But look closer and you’ll be able to see the differences. The true alpha may be bossy, but he’s not a bully. He genuinely likes women and would never say anything to make them feel uncomfortable (unless he likes her, of course, which means he’s simply being a boy and is trying to get under her skin, so to speak). The alpha smiles; the pig snarls. The alpha is charming to others; the pig charms only himself. The alpha will protect you; the pig will hurt you. And, lastly, the alpha gives good love, whereas the pig gives you a headache. Any questions? Then go out there and find yourself a true alpha and live happily ever after!

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2 Responses to Alpha Male versus Male Chauvinist. Is there a difference?

  1. Steve says:

    So does that mean he isn’t going to get a second date?