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AD_onthebeachI wasn’t born a writer, like many of the writers I know. The writing bug didn’t bite me until later in my life, and only after I’d accepted that I was not going to become a world class surgeon. Which is to say, I took a job at an aerospace firm, where I was surrounded by nerdy men who spoke a language that was about as exciting as having an IRS audit. And that was okay with me as it kept me busy and out of trouble. But as often happens when I’m doing something that stifles my creativity, I get restless. What I needed was something more thrilling than spending ten hours a day sitting under fluorescent lights and typing documents that contained not one bit of romance or drama. I needed to get back on the womanly track.

That’s how my journey into the writing romance began. I loved stories about bold men, and women who couldn’t behave themselves…because love is never simple. It’s complicated and painful and that’s what I wanted to write about. I wanted passion and love and heartache and everything that went along with falling for someone who was off-limits or out of your comfort zone. I wanted more than real life. I wanted to write about romantic interludes that may or may not be proper. I wanted it to be fun and full of spark and I wanted the men in my stories to be the kind to make a woman swoon. Men still do that, don’t they? Jeez, I hope so.

For me, writing has become a way of life. I get up each morning looking forward to my job. I am blessed.

Should you also decide that writing is your journey, you must realize that the writing life takes tenacity. Being stubborn is good, too. It’ll get you through some hard times. You’ll need supplies: a drawer full of dark chocolate, a case of red wine, and stock in soft tissue because you’ll probably cry a lot…and it won’t always be because you’ve written a beautiful sentence. Sometimes, it’ll be because you will think you’ve written something beautiful, and then someone will slam you back down to earth with harsh words that might make you wonder if you’re kidding yourself…that you don’t really have what it takes. Don’t let that happen. Doubt is your worst enemy. Okay, maybe not your worst. Not making the time to write is the worst. You won’t improve if you don’t practice.

I also suggest you have a companion—one who won’t give you funny looks when you walk around the house talking to yourself. I find a dog or cat works well. Horses are fun, too, though they can be messy when brought indoors. Another thing that comes in handy is one super special human-type friend, who has nothing to do with writing. She, or he, will keep you connected to the real world…else you may begin to think of the characters in your books as friends. Psst…I have some very special human friends that are real and they keep me grounded, but I do have a habit of talking to my new puppy and I’m sure he thinks I’m an odd human. But no matter. Be odd, be brave, be a writer…if that’s what you want.

AlexaIf you’d like to know more about me (I’m an expert on that subject), or writing (I can give you an entire list of books you should read), or if you just have a silly question (I love silly questions), please feel free to send me an email. I am always delighted to hear from you!

P.S. This page remains a work-in-progress.

A random thought…Too many What Ifs means you aren’t having enough fun.

Fun Facts About Alexa…

Favorite color – periwinkle blue
Astrological sign – Aries
Favorite song – Magic (Kenny Chesney)
Favorite actress – Charlize Theron
Favorite actor – Channing Tatum
Biggest weakness – bold men
Least favorite chore – grocery shopping
Favorite household chore – folding warm laundry
Favorite fruit – pineapple
Favorite vacation spots – Maui and Malibu
Favorite movies – Romancing the Stone, Family Man, and Cold Mountain
Favorite amphibian – tree frogs
Favorite month – September
Favorite author – Marne Davis Kellogg
Favorite sport – Fantasy football…is sitting in front of the TV, rooting for my team considered a sport?
Favorite quote – I believe the prettiest girls are the happiest girls—Audrey Hepburn

Some things you may not know about me…

* I’ve never gone out for dinner on Valentine’s Day,
* I believe cow milk does NOT do the body good,
* My toenails are always polished,
* My cell phone still has a flip-top and a pull-up antennae,
* I believe women under forty should not tell women over forty what they should and should not wear.

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